Rib Charters


There are few experiences as exhilarating as travelling across the glistening Solent at 60mph!

What’s It all About?

Our 10 seater, 225HP Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are rated for professional use and offer a safe, stable and comfortable experience whether you’re looking for a white knuckle ride or comfortable, dry transfers from yacht to shore.

You’ll notice our RIBs feature in many of the corporate and special event packages we offer, but their versatility doesn’t end there!

Even if you’re simply looking for a relaxed sail charter weekend, the addition of a RIB, even for a few hours, can really add to the experience.


Please make an enquiry below, or call us on 01590 688 007

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Our RIBs are chartered with professionally qualified and highly experienced skippers. In addition to this, every passenger is issued with a self-inflating life jacket. You’ll find the seating on our RIBS is comfortable and secure. You can rest assured every attention to detail will be taken to ensure your RIB experience is both safe and highly enjoyable!

Whether it’s one RIB for half a day or 20 Ribs for a Rib treasure hunt, we are competitively priced and highly efficient.

Please note

Our RIBS are available for skippered charter only.