Military Madness

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Military Madness

Fancy driving a Chieftain tank? With a 750 horsepower Rolls-Royce multi fuel engine firing on all 12 cylinders, you’ll be driving army style in the king of all vehicles!

What’s It all About?

Under the experienced instruction of reassuring military veterans, guests will be fully instructed in tank driving techniques. There is never a dull moment on this highly entertaining session as guests will have the opportunity to drive an Abbot SPG and APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) to add contrast to this unique land based event.

Why not combine your newly honed driving skills with some C.Q.B. (Close Quarter Battle)? Following a short, informative training session, platoons will be ready for high adrenalin combat! Guided by their tactical advisors, participants will fight within an atmospheric virtual battlefield, involving real life scenarios and the ‘fog of war’, produced by dramatic pyrotechnics!

Our high tech SA80 style rifle sends a safe, invisible beam which reaches a distance of nearly 50 metres. This reacts with the sensors in the opposition’s helmets, which in turn sets of an alarm, downloads any weapon ammunition and results in the casualty reporting to the medical camp. From here it’s straight back to the battle field after the casualty has been electronically re-activated. And don’t worry if your ammunition runs low, as an electric ‘ammo dump’ will allow recruits to reload their weapons as often as necessary.

Time for more barmy army antics? Why not try Sniper School, Escape and Evasion, Mortar Academy or Interrogation Training where new corporate recruits can learn valuable office skills.

Are you easily flustered or can you keep a cool head at all times? Test your nerves and skill in a stationary target rifle shooting session. Using a sighted rifle to hit the target may not seem very difficult, but getting a run of bulls eyes is a little more tricky! Learn posture, breathing and control techniques in this enthralling activity which can either be presented as a chilled out Western ‘Shoot-em-up’ session or an ‘Olympics’ style formal event.

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