Gin Making Master Class

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Gin Making Master Class

Become a Gin Connoisseur with our master class, culminating in making your very own Gin

What’s It all About?

The event will begin with a brief history of gin and a tasting session of our three core gins. We will also cover the various methods for producing gins and gin-based liqueurs to set the scene for the practical work to follow.

A short review of gin botanicals with a matrix of mainstream brand recipes to show what is in most gins and what sets one gin apart from the others – Team will be given sample pots of juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica roots, cardamom pods, rowan berries, citrus peels, sweet almonds etc. so that they can smell and nibble the botanicals whilst discussing the gins that they liked on the matrix.

The Making

The teams will then produce a target gin profile using a chart that will help them with alcoholic strength and botanical target ratios.

Team members can then taste each distillate and infusion to decide which components work with their profile and how much of each to add – this will be done with pipettes, sample glasses and water to cut the spirits to the finished strength giving a lot of group interaction and discussion.

Once the teams have decided on their chosen strength and recipe, they will then scale up the recipe to a 70cl bottle amount – ( we can be more or less technical with this but the teams should work together to calculate the right amounts of each component and they can then check their accuracy using a simple alcohol hydrometer).

The finished recipe will then be recorded for future use (if required) and each team will have a bottle to take home (or we can send on bottles for each team member if required for an extra cost).

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