Cocktail Masterclass

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Cocktail Masterclass

This truly unique and totally interactive event introduces guests to the thrilling world of cocktail culture.

What’s It all About?

We offer an interactive session outlining basic mixology that leads to most cocktails, your guests arrive to a reception drink and a brief discussion how to make cocktails. We explain how to make a cocktail and then go straight for guests having a go, we do this with four ways, muddled, shaken, built & layered. All cocktails are easy to make at home so through simple fun training we can show your guests how easy it is to make drinks. Also if your guests ask we can go through the seven classics, new neo-cocktails doing the circuit, or demonstrate how to use up any old stock knocking about in your alcohol cupboard at home. Our team of mixologist’s have worked for over seven years to over 1200 clients around Europe and States.

The four demonstrated cocktails will be:

Bramble – built
Mojito – muddled
Bay Breeze – layered
Cosmopolitan – shaken

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