Casino Royale Evening

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Casino Royale Evening

On a fun casino evening the rules of play are somewhat flexible, but we generally adhere to standard UK casino rules, to give authenticity.

What’s It all About?

The Casino Manager will supervise proceedings to ensure fair play, while our croupiers are there to guide your guests on the rules, and to recommend strategy if you are unsure.

Black Jack
A variation on traditional ‘21’ or ‘Pontoon’ Black Jack is played in every Casino the world over. This is the most popular game that anybody can easily learn to play.

Choose your lucky numbers from zero to 36 or play safe with odd & even or red & black. A single number pays 35 to 1 – which is far better odds than the Lottery!

The Fun Money will be issued equally to all guests, or made available for purchase if you are raising funds. Fun Money is then exchanged for chips at the tables.

As the evening concludes chips are totalled to determine winners or may be converted back to Fun Money to be used for bidding in a Prize Auction. At an additional cost we can supply quality Champagne as a prize for the winner/s, and Fun Money can be personalised with a client’s logo or a photo of a member of staff.

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Optional Extras

Showreel of the day’s adventures, please contact LYC for an exact quote.