Apache Buggy Racing

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Apache Buggy Racing

Driving to the extreme edge, the ultimate in motorised thrills and sheer enjoyment

What’s It all About?

Adrenalin-pumping, unrestricted nerve-tingling excitement and pleasure are yours, but always in complete safety. The dynamics of driving the Apache are far more exciting and more user-friendly than anything in this field of motor sport; it handles with better precision and, most importantly, goes much, much faster. These twin-seated cars are seriously FAST with a 0-60 of just over 4 seconds. Enjoy outrageous over-steer and 360° spins with our instructor beside you.

The Apaches work well as part of a corporate event or team building day, they will get all the team talking for weeks after about who was faster or the best!

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Optional Extras

Showreel of the day’s adventures, please contact LYC for an exact quote.