The Chocolate Experience

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The Chocolate Experience

Chocolate is a fantastic medium to bring people together in a fun and informal way.

What’s It all About?

We have sourced the finest single origin chocolate from the worlds leading Artisan chocolate makers to include Valrhona, Michael Cluzel and Amedei to give your guests an amazing experience and to discover how to appreciate chocolate and enjoy it to its full potential.


A fascinating interactive short talk on the history of chocolate and some fascinating facts. Learn how cocoa beans are grown, harvested, and processed into chocolate from the bean to bar.

The Tasting

Delegates are guided through how to correctly taste chocolate, learning about the snap, aroma, tasting notes and the after mouth. Guests will sample the finest single origin chocolate from around the world which may include Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, Peru and St Lucia, using cocoa varieties such as Criollo,Trinitario and Forestero. Taste infusions such as geranium and chocolate, white chocolate and olive, dark chocolate and coriander to name a few.


An interactive chocolate demonstration is given.

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Optional Extras

Showreel of the day’s adventures, please contact LYC for an exact quote.