Sword Fighting Masterclass

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Sword Fighting Masterclass

Motivate your team with the ultimate swordfighting experience!

What’s It all About?

We offer a unique opportunity to experience this unusual team building activity. It can feature as a fun experience or more specific learning outcomes may be drawn out, identifying transferable business skills that all guests may take back to the workplace. The experience starts by learning the basic skills for sword fighting: focus, balance and timing, attack and defence. Then guests themselves take their sword and battle commences.

Our sessions may be designed and tailored completely to your requirements. It is suitable for groups of half a dozen to over a hundred, for participants of any age and fitness level and no prior experience required or assumed!

The event format may take the format of a short pre/post meeting energiser or a session running to a couple of hours. The sessions are run by top international fencers skilled and all equipment is provided.

View the British Fencing website.

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Activity Duration 45mins to 2 hours