A Sophisticated Beer Tasting

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A Sophisticated Beer Tasting

Beers are vastly different the world over.

What’s It all About?

In this country we have become used to mass produced aromatically lacking beer with light character. Guests are always amazed at the difference between a classical Czech Pilsner and the type of lager found in most English pubs, and the pleasure to be obtained by a well served real ales. In this tasting guests discover for themselves the style of brewing, country of origin and quality level of a range of fine beers.

Beer tasting – Following a Virtual Tour of the Palate, our beer experts lead guests on an interactive exploration of their senses to enable them to detect a wide range of elements found in beer. Once they have the skills guests then assess a range of beers from fine real ales from cask, exclusive lagers and Lambic beers – all unidentified. The objective is to assess from which country and raw ingredient they come.

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