Shooting Through The Ages

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Shooting Through The Ages

Clay shooting session with a difference!

What’s It all About?

For the more eccentric: perhaps cannon firing and some musketry – even duelling on the lawns with the genuine article! These are all part of this ever-increasing suite of choices, designed to satisfy the quirkiest of tastes.

Guests may try their hand at a range of shooting activities, suitable for all age and fitness levels. All activities combine participation along with a display by the fully qualified instructor. All safety equipment will be provided during the programme.

Competitive types will love the activities as each challenge is scored, allowing for a great deal of friendly rivalry.

LYC would provide Henri Lloyd Waterproof jackets in the event of inclement weather. In addition, each activity has its own gazebo shelter.


Field Archery
Our Compound Archery bows mean that all Archers will achieve a certain level of success, no matter what their previous experience. Archery is a thrilling sport, and guests will have the opportunity to release arrow after arrow.

Clay Pigeon Shooting
Our qualified professional instructors will help your guests to achieve results well beyond their expectations. The shooting layout is designed to be possible for novices and yet challenging for more experienced shooters. You are provided with guns, low-recoil cartridges and full safety equipment.

Black Powder Shooting
Black Power Shooting (antique weapons, flintlocks, blunderbusses) is a superb opportunity for guests to gain a fascinating insight in to shooting of a bygone era. The guns are genuine weapons, and with the instructors in period costume guests will really feel they are in the 18th century.

Cannon Firing
This activity can only be explained as an experience of a lifetime. With a life like castle as a target your challenge is to take it out! Your only source of aim is to move the cannon, or reduce/increase the gunpowder levels. Exploding cannon balls are also available which self detonate at a set height. Big Bangs & Big explosions!!!

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Optional Extras

Showreel of the day’s adventures, please contact LYC for an exact quote.