Petrol Heads

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Petrol Heads

For The True Adrenaline Junkie!

What’s It all About?

A fun filled motorised activity day to reward and amuse your team. Our motorised team building experience offers the opportunity to drive some unusual, tricky, fast and even awesome motorised machines ensuring a unique, enjoyable and competitive event day or half day

We offer a full selection of motorised packages for all abilities to enjoy whilst improving relations and communication skills. From high adrenalin Apaches and powerturns to more skillful like Hover crafts and reverse steer vehicles.

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Suggested Itinerary

10.00 Guests arrive.

10.15 Event briefing, guests split into groups and introduced to instructors.

10.30 First activity begins.

11.30 Guests break for tea & coffee.

11.45 Guests move onto their second activity.

12.45 Break for lunch.

14.00 Guests head back out for their third activity.

15.00 The final activity begins.

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Optional Extras

Showreel of the day’s adventures, please contact LYC for an exact quote.