Off Road Adventure

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Off Road Adventure

Adrenaline at 5MPH !!

What’s It all About?

In typical LYC Events fashion, this challenge uses outstanding resources in a programme which is both creative and innovative. We take pleasure in announcing the customisation and development of one of the trickiest 4×4 courses in the South. This land based team challenge takes place in the heart of the Beaulieu estate in the beautiful New Forest, and is expertly designed to push vehicles and drivers to their maximum potential.

Each team’s goal will be to navigate their way to numerous strategic team challenges within the estate. Guests will rise to the challenge in top of the range 4×4 vehicles under the supervision of professional instructors who will oversee team tasks, including all aspects of safety, and they will assist with off-road driving techniques. A delicious lunch will be served at a choice of venues and morning and afternoon snacks will also be provided. The grand prize giving at the end of the day is the perfect conclusion to this superb all inclusive event.

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Suggested Itinerary

09.30 Refreshments are served as guests arrive at the Beaulieu Motor Museum.

10.00 A full event and safety briefing is given. The challenge begins. Teams navigate their way through the Estate to specific activity sites.

12.30 Lunch will be served.

14.00 The afternoon session commences as teams swap activities.

16.00 Refreshments are served and the grand prize giving takes place at the Motor Museum.

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Showreel of the day’s adventures, please contact LYC for an exact quote.