Murder Mystery

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Murder Mystery

Crammed with hysterical humour and a real murder mystery to solve.

What’s It all About?

Murder Mystery events are designed to be fun entertainment. Each plot is unique but the same successful pattern is used to dish them up. The style of humour is very much like a gentle ‘carry-on’ with double-entendre which will pass the more innocent minded by!

Your ‘Murder Mystery’ begins during pre-dinner drinks as suspicious characters mingle with the guests. An introductory scenario of about 7-10 minutes duration sets the scene and the mystery begins. A murder may happen at any time!

When the guests are seated ready for dinner they will find a newspaper ready for them which is laced with clues and a few red herrings. There is also a quiz – the answers to which give another clue. There is also a limerick competition for the more mischievous minded!

The actors mingle amongst the guests giving clues and allowing them to be questioned – during the course of the evening further clues will arise and are circulated. Short, amusing but dramatic, scenarios occur between the courses. During coffee the would-be sleuths complete their Detective reports. The denouement is then announced, with suitable limericks! Prizes and certificates are then awarded for best sleuths, worst solution, and funniest limerick.

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Suggested Itinerary

20.00 Guests to meet for pre-dinner drinks. Murder Mystery begins.

20.30 Guests sit down for dinner while the Murder Mystery continues.

22.00 Guests submit their answer packs.

22.15 The murderer is revealed & the winner declared.

22.30 The winning team/individual receives their prize/s.

22.45 Actors depart & guests remain at leisure

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Optional Extras

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