Make A Million

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Make A Million

A creative and engaging team challenge with a juicy twist!

What’s It all About?

Teams are invited to gain a million pounds within a given time frame. Each team has a menu of tasks to choose from each with a monetary value represented by oranges!

Once teams have hit their target, the final challenge involves squeezing their oranges into a container – the team with the largest quantity of juice is the winner!

Once the winners have had time to revel in their citric success, champagne will be served to all of the teams who can look back on the fun and memories of this captivating day!

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Suggested Itinerary

09.00 Guests are welcomed, briefed and advised on their tasks for the day.

09.30 The team chooses a leader, deputy, accountant and sub teams as they start to plan their tactics! The team will be divided into smaller groups who will have to complete a range of tasks and challenges in order to win the cash (oranges!!) Our trainers will be available throughout to adjudicate and advise on safety.

10.00 Ice breaker activity.

11.00 A mini-progress review is made facilitated by the trainers and the leaders. The teams will then have to agree on a plan for completing the task.

12.30 Lunch will be served.

16.00 The team having hit their target collect all their oranges and squeeze to success. Will the team be able to squeeze enough juice to reach a Million pounds?

17.00 Any final tasks required to top up the oranges are completed and a concise review is given by the facilitator. Teams then enjoy their Bucks Fizz and Fresh Orange juice and it’s time for everyone to bid farewell….!

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Optional Extras

End of day BBQ.

Crew Clothing, we would be delighted to arrange gift clothing for each guests, this can range from a Henri Lloyd tee shirt, rugby shirt to jackets. Please contact the LYC team for a quote.

Showreel of the day’s adventures, please contact LYC for an exact quote.