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Lord & Lady

Guests can enjoy a vast array of activities that once were the “sport of kings”.

What’s It all About?

Beaulieu boasts acres of woods and parkland which is perfectly suited to a whole host of exciting and challenging country sports. With such privacy and seclusion on the doorstep, this is an ideal environment for the most high-level meetings, with a range of activity options to match: an opportunity for you and your guests to live like nobility for the day!

What better way to sharpen the senses than a stroll with an expert falconer against the backdrop of a thirteenth century Cistercian Abbey. An ideal post-conference activity as guests interact with a mews of birds whilst the falconer entertains with his cadge and delivers a range of diverse teambuilding tasks.

For an evening function, we can bring your medieval feast to life: a Jester Or Fool; Alchemist Or Wizard to demonstrate Apothacary – a medieval medicine man with a range of macabre potions!

“Sport & Contest” has been justified since antiquity for providing soldiers with the physical training they would require in battle. Why not amaze your colleagues by introducing them to an English Longbowman or a Crossbowman, dressed in authentic period costume, ready to teach the whole history of the Bowyer, Fletcher and Archer. Enjoy the fun as they try to string a 6’ yew bow and grapple with the traditional wooden arrows and whip-feather fletchings. In tune with the medieval era, a range of 3D targets such as wild boar are available! To enhance the experience, we offer table top jousting, hosted by traditional Knights of the Realm: a demonstration of armour, with “Skill at Arms” incorporating axe throwing, mace, warhammers and a comprehensive introduction to swordcraft. For the die-hard enthusiasts we offer a fourteen foot tall siege engine complete with a realistic castle to attack! Added to this we offer broad church appeal by way of Spinning A Clue – spinning yarn on a great wheel; grinding corn; medieval pottery; apple bobbing; a Sideshow Hustler – challenging guests at “Nine men’s Morris” or “Fox & Geese”. If you’re still following – then who remembers… “Skittles & Kails”; “Bowling for a pig” and “toss to a feather”; “Stealing A Kiss” – walking a tightrope to a Damsel in distress. “Slap cock”, “Bat & Ball” “Knur & Spell” “Making a Bed”.

Together with these we also offer a brace of medieval teambuilding games from retrieving the sword in the swamp, medicine ball joust (human swing ball), to the ancient sport of poppinjay.

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