It’s a Knock Out

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It’s a Knock Out

The LYC Knockout Olympics is a highly entertaining, visual and fun team event full of weird and wacky games. Inspired by the famous TV show we have created a wacky arena of fun and frolics.

What’s It all About?

Our maniacal MC, and the uplifting theme music will greet guests as they enter their exclusive crazy arena. Our MC will introduce the event and welcome your guests. Teams will now be allocated, with 1 team member coming forward to collect their team ‘symbols’. Teams must keep these with them at all times.

Each challenge has been specifically designed to incorporate every team member, be it all at once or in a relay system. If for any reason one or more team members do not want to be directly involved, (we operate on challenge by choice basis) they will be given a subsidiary role, which will assist the team in the overall challenge. These include passing giant bacon rashes to players as they clamber over the inflatable, or being team photographer with the digital camera that is given to each team. This ensures that ALL team members are kept occupied ALL of the time.

Our maniacal MC will give running commentary on scores, team performance and those funny moments. Similar to the game show this adds to the atmosphere, as does the constant theme music.

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Suggested Itinerary

9.00 Refreshments are served as guests arrive at Marina.

9.30 Refreshments are served as guests arrive at Marina.

10.00 Guests and skippers are introduced, and then off to the Sunseeker Powerboats.

12.30 A Pimms drinks reception is served on arrival in Cowes.

12.45 Time for lunch

14.00 The competition continues as guests return to their boats for the afternoon session.

16.30 All boats come back to Marina for a Champagne prize giving.

17.30 Approximate time for the day’s events to finish.

Featured Events

Optional Extras

End of day BBQ.

Crew Clothing, we would be delighted to arrange gift clothing for each guest, this can range from a Henri Lloyd tee shirt, rugby shirt to jackets. Please contact the LYC team for a quote.

Showreel of the day’s adventures, please contact LYC for an exact quote.