Culinary Generation

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Culinary Generation

A fast, fun and action packed culinary event, full of hilarious foodie challenges for energetic and competitive teams.

What’s It all About?

Introduction – A fun icebreaker challenge begins the round.

Piping Hot – Teams make piping bags and ice names on thier chef hats.

Spaghetti Junction – The challenge is to make a bridge out of Spaghetti that will support a toy car.

In a Twist – Each team is given a pasta roller and some dough they have to make the longest strand of Tagliatelle to win the round.

The Chocolatier – A weeks supply of Belgian chocolates have to be made in 15 minutes.

Flower Power – 5 flowers have to be made out of sugar whilst the clock is ticking.

Quiz Round – A quiz based around food, taste and touch.

Cake Hole – Icing and decorating a cake.

Pancake Pandemonium – Pancakes are made without using a recipe which must be tossed, stay intact and be edible.

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Duration: 2-3 hours

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