Circus Skills

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Circus Skills

Circus corporate workshops are a fun way of getting a group of people to work, play and learn together.

What’s It all About?

Learning circus skills really puts everyone in a group – large or small, on a level with each other. Circus skills can be learnt by everyone. Some will learn fast and others more slowly but all can do it! For those who learn fast we have more than enough tricks to teach to keep them busy for a several hours and for those who find tasks involving co-ordination more challenging, we have some very good techniques to get them well on the way to new skills. We also encourage participants to help each others learning.

Once everyone has learnt a basic skill, we pair and group people up so that they can start to combine their skills into a joint effort. How this is done depends on what skill is being taught at that moment.

For a group of 50 guests we would have smaller sub-groups learning different skills, at different work stations with different instructors and all rotating periodically.

The main skills we use for a circus skills workshop exercise are as follows:

Ball juggling

from basic one, two and three balls. Leading to pairing people up and learning to juggle with two people and three balls. One person acts as the right hand and the other is the left. This is not as hard as one might think and is a great way to get beginner jugglers interacting.

For more advanced jugglers we also teach ball passing which involves two people and six balls. All of this is a great group exercise as it really is necessary for all parts in couples to work together in order for it to work. The throw is more important that the catch, if the throw is good, the catch is easy! This can be applied to many things in work, rest and play.

Diabolo juggling

Each person will learn to spin, throw and catch a diabolo. Once they have learned this the group will be encouraged to throw a diabolo between two partners. After this they will then try and get the group to throw one diabolo along a line from one person to another so that everyone does a throw and a catch of the same Diabolo. Again, the throw is the most important factor, they must work together to succeed.

Plate spinning

Plate spinning is great to put in at about this point because it is quite easy and everyone generally gets self satisfaction very fast. Once learned we challenge the group to have all the plates spinning at the same time, not as easy as it sounds! We also encourage throwing plates between partners and also challenging participants to nominate a person to hold as many spinning plates as possible that have been spun by everyone else and handed to the nominated person. Team spirit is essential!

Tight rope

The tight rope is about two feet high and eight feet long. Workshoppers are instructed on technique and safety. Everyone is encouraged across the tight rope with support from others until ready to go alone! Flat shoes are a must for the tightrope so please instruct your employees to bring some along but don’t tell them why!

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