Cider Tasting

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Cider Tasting

This humorously interactive tasting show reveals why this fabulous national drink is seeing a revival of fortunes.

What’s It all About?

With almost as many apple varieties as wine grapes, and styles ranging from scrumpy to vintage, there are a thousand flavour experiences out there waiting to be discovered.

Taste of the Vine events are a blend of comedy, theatre and interaction, they create a convivial atmosphere and develop corporate relationships. However, with the application of the principles of accelerated methods of learning, guests leave with a new skill.

Seated or Standing?
The tasting can be run with guests seated or standing, as a fully interactive show, or if you wish we can simply provide the tasting on stalls as a part of a reception.

Show format
With the assistance of a fun comedy based introduction, our cider expert leads guests on an interactive exploration of their senses to enable them to detect a wide range of elements found in cider.

Once they have the skills guests then assess a range of ciders to determine: origin, the apple varieties, quality, levels of sweetness and strength.

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Optional Extras

Showreel of the day’s adventures, please contact LYC for an exact quote.