Chocolate Fawlty Towers

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Chocolate Fawlty Towers

An immensely innovative, fun and memorable event that requires a steady hand and nerve.

What’s It all About?

Having entered the room (which has been fully prepared) the chocolatier introduces himself and explains what will be happening. He will then give a brief history of chocolate before getting started.

To begin, we will start with an ‘icebreaker’ which takes the format of everyone making their own piping bag from greaseproof paper, pouring in chocolate and then piping their names onto the chef’s hats which are provided. The chocolate will set quickly and they will then all wear their hats. This is great fun and gets everyone ready for the real business of the afternoon.

Each team represents a country in the 2012 London Olympics. They must build a land mark building from their chosen country, constructed entirely out of chocolate

The master Chocolatier will give a demonstration to all the teams to acquire the skills they need to accomplish the task.

Points are awarded for tower height, (record is 852mm but failed miserably in the firing range),Resistance, creativity, presentation. Extra points are awarded for convincing accents in the presentations.

The Finale!

Catapulting! Each team arms themselves with a catapult and smarties to destroy the opposing team’s towers. The last one standing is awarded additional points

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Duration: 2-3 hours

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