Agent Training

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Agent Training

Action, intrigue and Martini!

What’s It all About?

Guests will arrive at the ‘safe house’ where a military style briefing will be given. They will then be divided into Special Agent teams and given an ‘Agent Training Survival Pack’ containing maps, compass, digital camera, a control folder and field radios. It’s then straight into 4×4 vehicles as each team of agents begins their riveting agent training session. The session could include Jet Ranger Helicopter orienteering, 4×4 off road driving, strategic pursuit on mountain bikes and/or canoes with only the use of a map and compass for guidance.

The essential special agent Martini cocktail ‘shaken not stirred’ precedes lunch which consists of basic training agent cuisine including gourmet bangers, mash and beans. The team mission will continue after lunch as guests ‘swap’ activities thereby completing a full day’s training. The prize giving ceremony follows, but there’s a surprise – it’s been sabotaged by bombs! Each team will need to deactivate a single BOMB before the timer reaches ZERO. Failure to do so will result in a harsh penalty in terms of points and the unsuccessful team will be covered in an embarrassing explosion of confetti and streamers.

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Suggested Itinerary

09.00 Refreshments will be served as guests arrive at LYC Events HQ.

09.30 A complete comprehensive event and safety briefing is given. Agent Training begins.

12.30 Time for lunch at a top secret location.

13.30 The training continues as guests swap activities.

16.30 The champagne prize giving reception takes place in typical James Bond style where teams try to deactivate a bomb.

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Optional Extras

End of day BBQ.

Crew Clothing, we would be delighted to arrange gift clothing for each crew member, this can range from a Henri Lloyd tee shirt, rugby shirt to jackets. Please contact the LYC team for a quote.

Showreel of the day’s adventures, please contact LYC for an exact quote.

Branding on all the boats with the company logo to include flags, banners and hull logos. Please contact LYC for an exact quote.